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It’s been awhile since I’ve been online but ain’t no time like the new year to re-vamp and update!

I was back on the West Coast for the holidays and during my visit set up a photo shoot with Samantha Hart Photography and Alisha Slater makeup (I will link them at the end!) to snap some shots for my E.P. release this spring.  The photos have been released via FB and I got a great response so I thought I would share some behind the scenes info on how we shot and who was involved!

After some FB messages Alisha, Sam and I settled on Dec. 29th (my birthday!) to do the shoot.  I have the fortune of knowing Alisha since high school and while she was attending makeup school in Vancouver I was able to model for her as well as for some smaller projects.

In the morning I met up with Alisha (who did my look with all MAC products) and then met up with Sam and her assistant Iva to start snapping!  We went downtown and decided the top floor of a parkade would be a great set for our shoot.  Sam brought a black sheet to use as a backdrop which we hung over a wall and professionally secured with our oversized purses. It was a beautiful albeit cold day with strong winds and a blinding sun. I actually named this post for the cue Sam would give me so I could open my eyes and get the shot without squinting from the sun! Sam set up the two cameras she had brought and Iva improvised using a large plastic bag as a bounce sheet.

I originally know Sam from when we took dance together so this made it really easy to follow her direction.  Another great thing about shooting with Sam is that she uses film rather than digital. While there is no immediate feedback, and a limited number of frames, I felt that we all worked more efficiently, and had a stronger vision for the shoot.

I compare it in musical terms to performing live versus recording in the studio. In the studio we have the opportunity to re-try and command Z, whereas on the stage you have to deliver in the moment. While it can be more intimidating, there can also be greater results.

I cannot thank Sam and Alisha enough, check them out on Facebook @ & @

If you want to check out ALL the photos from this shoot click here –>



Thanks for reading,

~ Ilsa

Modeling is really silent acting.

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  1. Your eyes look so deep and penetrating in those photos! I feel as if there is an enormous well behind them, filled with ages of beauty and long, slow, steady thinking; but on the surface there is still a brilliant sparkling; like the sun shimmering on the outer leaves of a vast tree, or on the ripples of a very deep lake.
    Looking forward to the next post.

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