Sneak peek from my upcoming EP!

Hi all,

I wanted to share a track from my upcoming EP!

This tune is an original of mine called, “The Judge” (Lyrics provided below). I wrote this song about my experiences in court when I was a teenager. I drew inspiration from a specific instance in court with a judge actually named Judge Challenger, I kid you not! During this time in my life I felt so frustrated that my voice was never heard, and this song was a chance for me to finally express some of what I went through.

I’m so excited to share the finished product and would love to know what you think of the track by commenting below!

The musicians:

Myself – lead vocals, backup vocals

Julian Selody – alto saxophone, flute

Chris Rennie – tenor saxophone, clarinet

John Kennelly – electric guitar

Julian Anderson-Bowes – upright bass

Eric West – drums

Producer: Thomas Powell

Recording & Mix Engineer: (the one, the only) Phil Spencer

Mastering Engineer: Reuben Ghose

I am awaiting the album art design and in the process of booking a venue for the release concert so stay tuned for updates!

The Judge ~ Ilsa Gurtins:

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