Scoring for Finerty Studios


I am writing to announce that Finerty Studios has released their first short film, “13 Days”, which I had the pleasure of scoring! I am so excited about this project because film composing has always been a dream of mine.  Dustin Finerty (owner of Finerty Studios) and his crew were so amazing and supportive to work with.
The first time I realized that being a film composer even existed as a career was when I saw the Christmas film “The Holiday”, where Jack Black plays a film composer. I was immediately drawn in by the whimsical scene of Black playing a romantic piano passage on a beautiful sunny day in his impressive L.A. mansion.
the holiday
…My reality was naturally much less glamorous. Working late nights on my midi keyboard, dealing with frustrating computer glitches (Why? Oh Why would you freeze?!), and desperately hoping that I was creating something that might actually elicit a desired response in someone (in this case fear). When faced with struggle it is usually best to embrace it and remember the feeling of satisfaction that eventually comes with learning something new.
Me Scoring
It was so important to talk to Dustin Finerty, as he was both the writer and director. We talked a lot about his vision and preferences and then I did my best to facilitate it. Horror is not a genre I am not well versed in but I listened to a lot of different composers (including my scoring heroes, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross), which helped greatly.
The short “13 Days”, was shown at a local Film Night presented by the VI Film and Entertainment Cooperative.  I was so curious to see how the audience would react, and whenever I heard a gasp of surprise at a scary scene I couldn’t help but break into a big smile. It reminded me of why I choose this career in music and the arts, which was, and still is, to share emotion with people.
Thanks to Dustin for giving me first job as a film composer, I hope to continue to do more!
If any of you feel so inclined you can check out the trailer, which I’ve shared below:


Also, be sure to check out Dustin and his company on their website:

Thanks for reading!




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